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New Patient Centre:

Welcome to the Atlas Centre Family!

We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and welcome when you visit our office. What sets us apart from other offices is the time we spend with our patients to ensure the highest quality of care. 

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What to Expect on Your First Visit:

At your first visit, Dr. Volpe will review your case history in depth to gather as much information as possible about your present condition. She will then proceed with a thorough hands on examination that may include orthopedic, neurologic, proprioceptive, and musculoskeletal testing. Please plan to be in the office for approximately 40 minutes


If necessary, Dr. Ali might refer you out for x-ray imaging at our nearby radiographic facility. The imaging facility that we utilize is specially trained in taking our unique films, and as a financial advantage to the patient, they accept almost all major insurance. 

An adjustment will typically NOT occur on your first visit. Dr. Volpe will need time to analyze the information gathered from your exam and images before the first correction takes place. We respect your spine too much to rush the process.

*If you are driving a long distance to our office, please let us know. We will do our best to make special accommodations to reduce your travel.

Second Visit & Doctor's Report:

We invite you to bring anyone that will be supporting you through your care to this visit (limit 2 guests). Dr. Volpe will review your findings with you in great detail and create a treatment plan based on the severity of your case. There is no "one size fits all" plan, and we individualize each patient's treatment to meet their needs.

Our state of the art technology allows us to create each patient an online platform that accurately depicts their misalignment and correction. This allows for the patient to easily access their information with the click of a button and share with whoever they like.


If you elect to proceed forward, your first adjustment will then be scheduled.  Please plan to be in the office for approximately 40-60 minutes.

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